Geran Knol (b. 1991 — The Netherlands)

Living and working in Antwerp, Belgium
Oval Angle and co-owner of Park Pardon
w/ Bloeme van Bon

Working on both self-initiated
and commissioned projects.

Articles / Interviews / Other

This Surrounding Us All — It’s Nice That 
— The Word Magazine — Metal Magazine
Johanna Adojaan

Selected publications

2019 — Met Stille Trom, zine published by Nieves (forthcoming)

2017 — Pillars and People (Reference Work for Paintings), zine self-published
2017 — Unclear Clarity, w/ Aline Bouvy and Timo van Grinsven, book
published by ABC Book Klub
2017 — Park Pardon, Een Afzonderlijke Samenkomst, zine published by Extrapool
2016 — Another Day Well Spent, zine self-published
2015 — Park Pardon, A Guide to the Considered Cabinet of Deliberate Thoughts,
zine self-published
2015 — Park Pardon, The Dog Trainer, zine self-published
2014 — Park Pardon, An Entrance to Mention; the Park Pardon Principles,
book self-published
2014 — Park Pardon, Winterslaap, zine self-published
2014 — Reversed Archeology, zine published by Look Back And Laugh
2013 — Head Full, House Empty, zine self-published
2012 — Kattenkruid, w/ Lie Dirkx, zine self-published

Selected exhibitions

2019 — Fake Wave, group-show, DIY Art Shop London, UK
2019 — Plaatjes & Praatjes, group-show, Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch, NL
2019 — AppointMENT, group-show, MENT Ljubljana, SI
2017 — Unclear Clarity, group-show, ABC Klubhuis Antwerp, BE
2015 — Park Pardon, The Considered Cabinet of Deliberate Thoughts,
The Bries Space Antwerp, BE
2015 — Double Bubble, group-show, Inuit Bologna, IT
2015 — Illustrative, group-show, Direktorenhaus Berlin, DE
2014 — Park Pardon, Winterslaap, Kornél Antwerp, BE
2013 — Revival, group show, Hectoliter Brussels, BE
2013 — Trans-Atlantic Texas, group-show, Big Medium Austin, Texas, USA 


2013 — 2015 MA St. Lucas University of Arts  Antwerp, BE
2008 — 2012 BA ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten  Zwolle, NL

Residencies / Screenings / Lectures

Oct 19 / Oct 27, 2019 — Residency “The Secret Life of Materials; Riso Or Not”, Beeldenstorm Daglicht Eindhoven, NL

2016 — Talk of Sculptures, Know Wave at Picture Room
New York, NY, USA
2016 — ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Zwolle, NL
2014 — Sint Jozef OV4 Antwerp, BE

Music releases

2018 — Oval Angle, The Walking Tape, w/ Mathias MU,
audio cassette published by Honeyclub Records
2015 — Oval Angle, Talk of Sculptures, audio cassette
published by Look Back And Laugh
2013 — Oval Angle, Conversation With a Table,
audio cassette published by Jordskred